Sunday, 8 December 2013

Batman (ivan) wants to sell

Maybe you know that the E-Potion and the T-Potion cost now 260 coins.
I want an E-Potion but I think I don't need my T-Potion, so the first person who read that and want a T-Potion can ask me because I sell mine for 250 coins, yes, only 10 coins cheaper, but they are 10 coins so if you want buy it

*This offer is only available for today sunday 8th and for tomorrow monday 9th*

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. The Evil Rangers and Their Megazords

Although we have tried to contain it, the Sumatra Virus evolved and mutated and it got to Japan.  You know what happens in Japan they are fond on robots, samurais and all that stuff, thus the virus turned the population into Evil Power Rangers and Evil Megazords. 

The only person who seems immune to the virus is Hiroki-San, an elderly grandpa who lives in the mountains. He is determined to end the chaos Japan is living in, but he needs time to think thoroughly about a schem. The first think he needs to do is reinforcing his own house with anti-Zord mines, one per square meter.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t know the surface of his land, he only has a blueprint. He wonders how can I get the surface of my land with only this blueprint?. Suddenly, something rings the bell and he remembers that decades ago he had learnt a way to obtain the surface of a triangle knowing only the lengths of its sides: Heron Formula. Quickly, he looks through his notes and finds a piece of paper with it!


                             SCALE:    1 : 200

a)      Can you help Hiroki-San to get the surface of his land?

b)     How many anti-Zord mines will he have to use to prevent his home from being assaulted?

TIPS:  You have to print the pdf version to get the blueprint. Use a ruler to measure the lengths. Don’t forget you’ll have to use the scale at some point to get the surface of the real land, and not the surface of the blueprint.

Printable version available.
Deadline: December the 15th 

Let's honor the real and almignthy power rangers who gave my generation endless hours of (repeatedly and relentlessly the same) fights and adventures.

Original Opening 1991

Morphing and UltraMegaZord

And prior to the Power Rangers (you would have never heard about them) there were the BIOMAN (1988), only three warriors from japan:

Bioman 1988 Spanish Opening

León Meteoro! Delfín Luchador! Aeorocondor!! <3

PS: I cannot correct the previous challenge because I forgot your written answers are in the High School. I'll tell you on wednesday!

PS: Alberto, Iñaki G, Jorge and Ivan have 2 positives (that is 40 extra coins!!!) and Miguel ahas 1 positive (20 coins) thanks to the previous challenge. Congratulations! :D

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. The Braindead-Zombies

A virus from Sumatra has been introduced in a small village by an infected rat. This despicable virus turns people and animals into evil-hilarious zombies.

Fortunately, the militaries have managed to confine the civilian zombie population into a piece of land delimited by an iron fence.

However, these monstrous creatures ought to be exterminated to prevent the infection being spread all over the Earth!!

The clock is ticking!

a)  Can you calculate how many meters of titanium fence do they need to use to surround the land (to reinforce the iron fence)?

b)  Once the land is secured, it is vital to calculate its surface to produce the poisonous gas that will eradicate these evil creatures once and for all.

TIPS:  Circumference’s surface:

         Circumference’s length:

        Notice that the curved lines which join opposite vertices of a square have the 
       shape of a circumference:

Deadline: November the 28th.
Printable version available.

The idea of this challenge comes from the great Peter Jackson's 1992 film "Braindead", starring the aunt of my beloved friend and amazing Maths teacher Maria whom I would like to dedicate this crazy challenge :P Even the trailer is hilarious!

Nevertheless, if you would like to try something that is not so related to human organs, "Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood" is probably one of the best anime series of the last few decades:

PS: Jorge, Alberto, Juan and Iñaki G handed the right solution to the last challenge!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. ChairCher

ChariCher is the result of an unsuccessful fusion between Matfor’s legendary music Diva Cher and one chair from her office. The result is a monster who has prepared a single that will blow up Matfor inhabitants’ tympanums.

The only way to dismantle that single radio broadcast is placing the numbers from 1 to 12 in the panel below in such way that every four numbers aligned sum up always the same quantity.

Can you get the right configuration of numbers from 1 to 12 verifying that the addition of any 4 aligned numbers gives always the same result?

Deadline: November the 15th
Printable Version available.

As I told you, ChairCher is the only living artist who had 6 number 1 hits in 6 different decades. If you have a look at the videos below, you will see that the evoluation is quite interesting... :P

1960s: I got you babe

1970s: Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves

1980s: If I could turn back time

1990s: Believe

2000s: A different kind of love song

2010s: You haven't seen the last of me

Have a nice weekend!!!

PS: Alberto, Carlos, Gómez, Iván, Verónica, Leyre G, Miguel, Tania and Manu have extra coins due to the last challenge!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. Robotnic

Robotnic has been promoted and he is now the head ruler of Matfor’s Bank. Euler needs to get his money out of the bank to buy a new surfboard since the one he had did not survive to the last summer.

The problem Euler finds is that Robotnic has been messing with the Bank’s software and now he would only get his money if he manages to introduce in the mobile app the 4-number code verifying the 4 conditions below:

Can you get the right combination of numbers ABCD that would unlock Euler’s Money?

Printable Version available!

Deadline: November the 2nd.

Have a look at the outrageously tacky clothes of who is considered the most successful spanish singer from the 80's. Unfortunately, he had a tragic and premature death when he was only 41 years old:
Tino Casal - "Eloise"

PS: Alberto, Jorge, Iván, María G, Iñaki G and Miguel deserve last challenge's positive.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. Quickman

I'll be brief too... :P

Quickman is helping Euler to develop a superhero speed of thinking.

He challenges Euler to give the most possible accurate answer to the problem of the square roots.

1)    Which values of    verify that ?
    2)    Which values of    verify that ?

Deadline: Friday the 25th of October
Printable Version available.

Pre-evaluation week! Let's smileeeeee!

Two Door Cinema Club - "What you know"

PS: Miguel, Jorge, Iván, Alberto, María G. and Iñaki G. have received extra coins for their solutions!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. Sefirot

One of the former evil rulers of Matfor, Sefirot, is planning to take advantage of the current situation (one of the future kings has been kidnapped and the other one has been reported missing) to launch a nuclear strike.

Euler has managed to enter his base and he has reached the warehouses where the nuclear warheads are hidden. The first warehouse has 1 nuclear warhead, the second one 2 nuclear warheads, the third 3 warheads Unfortunately, Euler realizes that there are 100 warehouses and that the number of warheads keeps increasing as described.

Furthermore, the warheads are surrounded by fake circuits with the same shape and size as the warheads, and they must be deactivated first!

a)      How many fake warheads will be surrounding the 5 nuclear warheads kept in the fifth warehouse?
b)     And in the tenth warehouse?
c)      How many fake warheads have to be deactivated by Euler for neutralizing all the warheads kept in the 100.

Deadline: October the 11th.
Printable Versiona available

Have a nice weekend and enjoy Villava's "Fiestas de"... EPIC MUSIC!!

Vangelis - Mythodea Movement 1

Last challenge winners: Jorge, Iván, Tania, Carlos, Iñaki G.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. Zugarramurdi's Witches

Euler has been summoned in the Land of France to help some warriors that have been captured by evil forces or hell.  When he reaches the border, the Zugarramurdi’s Witches who guard the bridge between these two lands, tell him that his only chance to cross the bridge is by introducing the right one-digit number in the number pad. 

Euler asks for a clue since the witches only grant him one try. The Mother Superior of the Witches decides to help him somehow and she says

The number you have to introduce in the number pad is the last digit of the number

Euler has checked wit the calculator but this number has so many figures that it cannot be displayed in his calculator's screen. 

The Mother Superior tells him one last clue… 

Write the first 10 powers of three and check the last digit of those numbers can you use that information to get the digit requested?

Deadline: October the 4th
Printable Version available.

PS: Jorge, Tania, Ivan, Miguel, Maria G and Veronica have won last challenge's positive!

Let's start the weekend with some rythm!

The Rapture - "Echoes"

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. The Crazy Machine

Our hero is back! Surely he feels more active and sharp than ever, but he is unaware of all the hazardous situations this new school year will bring about

For now, he has been summoned to his home world: The World of Matfor, where he has been requested to help a legion of warriors to rescue baby Luigi. He has prepared for such purpose several challenges to help this warriors to gather Euler Coins the problem is that he kept them in a box thousands of years ago and now he is not sure if the drive pinion will open the box or close it forever

Can you help Euler to solve the mystery?

Deadline: Thursday the 27th of Septembar
Hand in your solution: handwritten version in class or digital version by e-mail (as usual)
Printable version available.

Now that 1D has become soooo famous, it is time to revisit the two analogous groups which were as famous as 1D but 17 years ago.... crazy 90's looks!!! Hahahaha... I don't know why all these videos were so explicit... maybe due to the lack of youtube?

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. The Summer

And finally the day has come... the day when we all start our beloved and desired summer holidays ^_^ I bet you all were craving for them, hehehe


Anyway, now that I'll not have your minds to torture, I guess I'll have to find something else to be the target of my "freakism" (Collins Dicctionary, you better include this one!!)

Meanwhile, these are two very special moments that have been carved in my heart forever!!
Once again, thank you for everything guys! You do know how to transform 4 walls into something unforgettable!

BTW, can anybody explain to me what the Dickens has happened to Txus' arm???? Is he maybe the 20th century's reencarnation of Street Fighter-classic fighter Dhalsim? I'd like you to judge with your own eyes:

Dhalsim (Street Fighter Two)

All the pictures can be downloaded HERE!!

Of course, this last entry-of-the-year couldn't be uploaded without something MEGA-FREAK! Since some of you really enjoy Japan/Corean stuff, I would like to share one of the oddest things I have ever found in my life: THE TARAKOS!!

And what's this? They are supposed to be the eggs of some North Pacific Fish... O_o 

I would be utterly scared if such things ever approached me!!! HAHAHA

The thing is they became SOOOOO famous in Japan that merchandising was even created, and they also started to appear in several videos as cultural reference, as in Tommy Heavenly's hit videolip:

Tommy Heavenly6 - "I'm Gonna Scream"

I very much hope you will all have the PERFECT summer!!! ^_^

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Physics & Chemistry Grades

Hi guys! I'm posting here the grades Elena sent me a couple of minutes ago ;)

Just check your all-year codes :D And don't forget to allocate some space in your bellies for tomorrow's chocolate surprise :P

Feel yourselves free to enjoy your very first evening without exams to study!! ;)

Alice Cooper's "Schools's Out For Summer"

3AD Grades

    Exam U6   1ST T 2ND T 3RD T   FINAL MEAN   FINAL
AD01   8,80   7,09 8,91 8,47   8,16   8
AD02   9,75   7,99 8,67 9,42   8,69   9
AD03   8,65   6,93 7,51 8,62   7,68   8
AD04   9,45   7,83 8,32 9,24   8,46   9
AD05   8,50   8,24 8,40 8,81   8,48   9
AD06   6,60   6,93 6,82 7,23   6,99   7
AD07   6,60   5,87 5,93 6,04   5,95   6
AD08   7,85   7,08 7,04 8,10   7,41   7
AD09   9,10   6,35 7,80 8,33   7,49   8
AD10   7,90   7,87 8,15 8,23   8,08   8
AD11   7,05   6,11 6,09 7,92   6,71   7
AD12   8,10   6,47 7,99 7,94   7,47   8
AD13   8,50   9,19 9,54 9,02   9,25   9
AD14   9,75   9,04 9,02 9,56   9,21   9
AD15   9,35   6,71 5,90 9,19   7,27   7
AD16   9,80   9,44 9,21 8,92   9,19   9
AD17   3,20   5,59 5,11 5,11   5,27   5
AD18   6,35   6,20 7,81 7,34   7,12   7
AD19   9,15   9,75 10,00 9,52   9,75   10
AD20   8,30   6,64 7,10 7,56   7,10   7
AD21   6,70   6,44 6,02 6,55   6,34   6
AD22   8,40   6,95 7,36 8,20   7,50   8
AD23   7,75   7,81 6,02 7,36   7,06   7

Grades 3BC

    Exam U6   1ST 2ND 3RD   FINAL MEAN   FINAL
BC01   8,45   7,82 8,14 8,01   7,99   8
BC02   5,15   6,23 7,37 6,23   6,61   7
BC03   8,10   6,40 6,41 8,66   7,16   7
BC04   9,60   8,31 8,20 9,20   8,57   9
BC05   9,75   8,89 9,00 8,85   8,91   9
BC06   5,45   6,55 5,99 6,30   6,28   6
BC07   5,55   7,55 7,28 7,14   7,32   7
BC08   7,70   7,09 6,75 7,67   7,17   7
BC09   10,00   9,63 9,86 9,62   9,70   10
BC10   9,35   8,19 8,41 8,83   8,48   9
BC11   7,65   6,43 6,63 7,71   6,92   7
BC12   7,35   6,60 5,86 6,39   6,28   6
BC13   6,55   6,63 7,16 6,92   6,91   7
BC14   8,85   9,51 8,62 9,42   9,18   9
BC15   8,40   8,47 8,12 8,80   8,46   9
BC16   8,95   8,37 8,79 8,38   8,51   9
BC17   7,45   6,78 8,13 7,52   7,47   8
BC18   6,00   5,01 6,43 6,85   6,10   6
BC19   4,85   6,40 6,82 7,09   6,77   7
BC20   8,90   7,35 7,23 8,65   7,74   8
BC21   5,20   5,76 6,09 6,04   5,96   6
BC22   10,00   9,83 9,16 9,92   9,63   10
BC23 5,45 7,99 7,19 6,14 7,11 7
BC24 5,85 5,54 6,57 7,08 6,40 6