Friday, 4 October 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. Sefirot

One of the former evil rulers of Matfor, Sefirot, is planning to take advantage of the current situation (one of the future kings has been kidnapped and the other one has been reported missing) to launch a nuclear strike.

Euler has managed to enter his base and he has reached the warehouses where the nuclear warheads are hidden. The first warehouse has 1 nuclear warhead, the second one 2 nuclear warheads, the third 3 warheads Unfortunately, Euler realizes that there are 100 warehouses and that the number of warheads keeps increasing as described.

Furthermore, the warheads are surrounded by fake circuits with the same shape and size as the warheads, and they must be deactivated first!

a)      How many fake warheads will be surrounding the 5 nuclear warheads kept in the fifth warehouse?
b)     And in the tenth warehouse?
c)      How many fake warheads have to be deactivated by Euler for neutralizing all the warheads kept in the 100.

Deadline: October the 11th.
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Have a nice weekend and enjoy Villava's "Fiestas de"... EPIC MUSIC!!

Vangelis - Mythodea Movement 1

Last challenge winners: Jorge, Iván, Tania, Carlos, Iñaki G.

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