Sunday, 27 October 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. Robotnic

Robotnic has been promoted and he is now the head ruler of Matfor’s Bank. Euler needs to get his money out of the bank to buy a new surfboard since the one he had did not survive to the last summer.

The problem Euler finds is that Robotnic has been messing with the Bank’s software and now he would only get his money if he manages to introduce in the mobile app the 4-number code verifying the 4 conditions below:

Can you get the right combination of numbers ABCD that would unlock Euler’s Money?

Printable Version available!

Deadline: November the 2nd.

Have a look at the outrageously tacky clothes of who is considered the most successful spanish singer from the 80's. Unfortunately, he had a tragic and premature death when he was only 41 years old:
Tino Casal - "Eloise"

PS: Alberto, Jorge, Iván, María G, Iñaki G and Miguel deserve last challenge's positive.

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