Friday, 27 September 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. Zugarramurdi's Witches

Euler has been summoned in the Land of France to help some warriors that have been captured by evil forces or hell.  When he reaches the border, the Zugarramurdi’s Witches who guard the bridge between these two lands, tell him that his only chance to cross the bridge is by introducing the right one-digit number in the number pad. 

Euler asks for a clue since the witches only grant him one try. The Mother Superior of the Witches decides to help him somehow and she says

The number you have to introduce in the number pad is the last digit of the number

Euler has checked wit the calculator but this number has so many figures that it cannot be displayed in his calculator's screen. 

The Mother Superior tells him one last clue… 

Write the first 10 powers of three and check the last digit of those numbers can you use that information to get the digit requested?

Deadline: October the 4th
Printable Version available.

PS: Jorge, Tania, Ivan, Miguel, Maria G and Veronica have won last challenge's positive!

Let's start the weekend with some rythm!

The Rapture - "Echoes"

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