Thursday, 19 September 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. The Crazy Machine

Our hero is back! Surely he feels more active and sharp than ever, but he is unaware of all the hazardous situations this new school year will bring about

For now, he has been summoned to his home world: The World of Matfor, where he has been requested to help a legion of warriors to rescue baby Luigi. He has prepared for such purpose several challenges to help this warriors to gather Euler Coins the problem is that he kept them in a box thousands of years ago and now he is not sure if the drive pinion will open the box or close it forever

Can you help Euler to solve the mystery?

Deadline: Thursday the 27th of Septembar
Hand in your solution: handwritten version in class or digital version by e-mail (as usual)
Printable version available.

Now that 1D has become soooo famous, it is time to revisit the two analogous groups which were as famous as 1D but 17 years ago.... crazy 90's looks!!! Hahahaha... I don't know why all these videos were so explicit... maybe due to the lack of youtube?

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