Thursday, 13 June 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. The Summer

And finally the day has come... the day when we all start our beloved and desired summer holidays ^_^ I bet you all were craving for them, hehehe


Anyway, now that I'll not have your minds to torture, I guess I'll have to find something else to be the target of my "freakism" (Collins Dicctionary, you better include this one!!)

Meanwhile, these are two very special moments that have been carved in my heart forever!!
Once again, thank you for everything guys! You do know how to transform 4 walls into something unforgettable!

BTW, can anybody explain to me what the Dickens has happened to Txus' arm???? Is he maybe the 20th century's reencarnation of Street Fighter-classic fighter Dhalsim? I'd like you to judge with your own eyes:

Dhalsim (Street Fighter Two)

All the pictures can be downloaded HERE!!

Of course, this last entry-of-the-year couldn't be uploaded without something MEGA-FREAK! Since some of you really enjoy Japan/Corean stuff, I would like to share one of the oddest things I have ever found in my life: THE TARAKOS!!

And what's this? They are supposed to be the eggs of some North Pacific Fish... O_o 

I would be utterly scared if such things ever approached me!!! HAHAHA

The thing is they became SOOOOO famous in Japan that merchandising was even created, and they also started to appear in several videos as cultural reference, as in Tommy Heavenly's hit videolip:

Tommy Heavenly6 - "I'm Gonna Scream"

I very much hope you will all have the PERFECT summer!!! ^_^

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