Saturday, 30 November 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. The Evil Rangers and Their Megazords

Although we have tried to contain it, the Sumatra Virus evolved and mutated and it got to Japan.  You know what happens in Japan they are fond on robots, samurais and all that stuff, thus the virus turned the population into Evil Power Rangers and Evil Megazords. 

The only person who seems immune to the virus is Hiroki-San, an elderly grandpa who lives in the mountains. He is determined to end the chaos Japan is living in, but he needs time to think thoroughly about a schem. The first think he needs to do is reinforcing his own house with anti-Zord mines, one per square meter.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t know the surface of his land, he only has a blueprint. He wonders how can I get the surface of my land with only this blueprint?. Suddenly, something rings the bell and he remembers that decades ago he had learnt a way to obtain the surface of a triangle knowing only the lengths of its sides: Heron Formula. Quickly, he looks through his notes and finds a piece of paper with it!


                             SCALE:    1 : 200

a)      Can you help Hiroki-San to get the surface of his land?

b)     How many anti-Zord mines will he have to use to prevent his home from being assaulted?

TIPS:  You have to print the pdf version to get the blueprint. Use a ruler to measure the lengths. Don’t forget you’ll have to use the scale at some point to get the surface of the real land, and not the surface of the blueprint.

Printable version available.
Deadline: December the 15th 

Let's honor the real and almignthy power rangers who gave my generation endless hours of (repeatedly and relentlessly the same) fights and adventures.

Original Opening 1991

Morphing and UltraMegaZord

And prior to the Power Rangers (you would have never heard about them) there were the BIOMAN (1988), only three warriors from japan:

Bioman 1988 Spanish Opening

León Meteoro! Delfín Luchador! Aeorocondor!! <3

PS: I cannot correct the previous challenge because I forgot your written answers are in the High School. I'll tell you on wednesday!

PS: Alberto, Iñaki G, Jorge and Ivan have 2 positives (that is 40 extra coins!!!) and Miguel ahas 1 positive (20 coins) thanks to the previous challenge. Congratulations! :D

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