Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Matfor's Log 00


In this blog you will have access to all the information you may need to succeed in your adventure. Now that you have started to wander the Lands of Matfors there are a few things you should never forget...
 - Matfor allows you to buy potions to skip Theory Questions
 - Matfor allows you to buy potions to skip Excercise Questions
 - Matfor allows you to practice the contents of every unit for your exam
 - There are special gifts/extra-points-rewards if you play and finish the game

Also, remember that after every Mini Test ("Training Battle"), Partial Exam ("Boss Battle") or Global Exam ("Final Boss Battle") you will be asked to introduce the EXP Points you have obtained. Those EXP Points are always written next to the mark you have obtained in any Mini Test or Exam. 

Finally, don't forget that you need some PASSWORDS to get access to battles and to continue the game. Those passwords will be periodically uploaded in this blog

Have fun... and GO FOR IT!!

Passwords so far:

NATURAL TOWN (Training Town)
-Natural Castle:      22778686
-Training Battle 1:   81086289
-Training Battle 2:   95639129
-Integer Castle:       01960001

EXP Points for the Integer Castle:

Iñigo: 616
Javier: 609
Iker: 469
Irati: 280
Pablo: 588
Mireia: 294
Iosune: 280
Xabier: 364
Laura: 385
Paula: 399
Hugo: 574
Iker: 280

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