Friday, 16 May 2014

Euler Piruleta Vs. His Pet

Euler would never have an ordinary pet such as a cat, a dog or a Guinean pig Instead, he has a 5-feet Bear, which requires 60% of what he earns in food.

Due to the current financial breakdown in Matfor, Euler couldn’t feed properly his beloved bear and he escaped looking for something to eat. These are the directions the bear took
1)    First he headed 300km South
2)    Then, he went 400km to the East
3)    Finally, when he realised that he really missed his owner Euler, he run North and he got home

The question may seem strange, but it is not Which is the colour of Euler’s pet?

Note: the colour may not be any those depicted in the drawing.

Dedline: Sunday, 25th of May
Printable version available here.

The video below shows 10 outstanding visual effects which have been created without any CGI (Computer Generated Images), they are old-fashion-style but impresive :D What do you prefer? CGI or practical effects?

PS:  Dragneel and Cesar Romero got 30 coins and V-Lo 60 coins solving last challenge.

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