Friday, 19 April 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. Einstevil

It's been quite a hectic job, but we have finally managed to complete Sierpinski's Triangle! :D

We'll find out how it looks like on the wall ^_^ Thanks for all your help! 




After such a long and deserved break, Euler Piruleta has to face once again tremendous forces of evil.

This time, Euler Piruleta has been kidnapped by Einstevil and he has been sent to the space in a rocket provided with an Ultra-Bizantium Sonic Engine which allows it to fly at speeds close to the speed of light.

Euler only knows the formula below to deal with this situation:

$\huge{Av = 0,3 t + A}$

- Let A be the age before leaving Earth
- Let Av be theage at any time
- Let t be the number of years that have passed

So time does not pass at the same speed when you are surfing the space close to the speed of light. You must notice the difference between a year on Earth and a year in the rocket.

Notice that we're in the year 2013 and that Euler is 20 years old and he has left a newborn child on Earth. Help Euler to solve these riddles:

a) How old will Euler be by the year 2023? And by the year 2020?
b) When will Euler be 25 years old? Try to calculate the year he'll get that old.
c) How old will Euler Piruleta's son by the time he turns 30 in the rocket?
d) Can a son become older than his own father?? o_O

Deadline: Friday the 26th of April (e-mail or handwritten version)

Printable vesion available here!

Don't miss this hilarious video I have been introduced to today by Ivan, Guzman and Angel XD Woudn't you like to know how do animals eat?...

PS: Tania and Jorge have been awarded with 2 positives due to the Sierpinski Challenges, and Sara and Iñaki with 1 positive each for solving the Bill's Challenge!

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