Monday, 25 March 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. The Fuel's Bill + Exam Results

We're moving faster now! :D

Don't forget to review the sequences for the exam ;) It is possible to download here the solutions to last "Thursday test", so you can check those exercises.

Euler Piruleta is learning Nordic Skiing. Yesterday, he went with some friends to Abodi and in the return journey, the five people in the same car were thinking about how to divide among them the fuel’s bill. They have decided to proceed as follows:

The owner of the car has to pay half the money the rest will pay.

Or what is the same…

The four people who are travelling with the owner of the car have to pay twice what the owner will have to pay.

The fuel’s bill ascends to 56.88, so Euler has to solve these three problems:

a)     How much money will the owner have to pay?

b)     How much money will the rest of the 4 accompanies will have to pay?

c)      Find an equation that will help you to solve directly similar situations for a group of n people (this is, 1 driver and n-1 non-drivers) and for any amount of money M.

Deadline: Monday the 8th of April. As usual, you can either send me and e-mail or hand in the solution at class ;) The printable version is also available!

Have a nice Easter Week!!!

- Those videos should feature yourselves singing the song like in a real videoclip.
- It would be great if you also manage to include the lyrics ;)

Iñigo (aka Mr. Corn) has requested to upload this """""WONDERFUL""""" song...

And now, the exams!

AD01 9,9 BC01 8,8
AD02 8,7 BC02 7,3
AD03 9,7 BC03 9,9
AD04 8,5 BC04 9,6
AD05 8,3 BC05 10
AD06 8,4 BC06 8,6
AD07 7,3 BC07 8,4
AD08 5,8 BC08 7
AD09 7,6 BC09 9
AD10 9,1 BC10 9,5
AD11 6 BC11 7,8
AD12 8,2 BC12 4,3
AD13 9,4 BC13 4,9
AD14 9,5 BC14 9,7
AD15 8,4 BC15 10
AD16 9,6 BC16 9,3
AD17 5,7 BC17 5,9
AD18 5,4 BC18 5,3
AD19 9,7 BC19 5,3
AD20 1,2 BC20 8,4
AD21 7,1 BC21 5,8
AD22 9,1 BC22 9
AD23 9,7 BC23 5,6
BC24 5,5

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