Friday, 1 February 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. Charlie's Chocolate Hell

Euler helper’s are decreasing in number and effort!! He is quite worried about that! What would happen to him without your help? Don’t procrastinate and try to help him this time... or the terrible Galician Non-Living may strike back!!

Evil Charlie has built a fortress with 20 rooms connected by the paths shown in the picture. Each path has a different brand of chocolates which will be poisoned if Euler doesn’t manage to solve this challenge. He must pass through every room only once using the paths shown in the picture. Not only he can’t use twice the same path, but he also has to finish in the same room he started….

-          You have to manage to pass through every room (point)
-          You can’t use the same path twice (although you don’t need to use all of them)
-          It is vital to finish in the same room you started.

You have until next Friday to solve this peculiar puzzle. Send in your solutions (which, of course, can be created using wonderful paint) or handwritten. As usual, there's a printable version!

Extra information!!
- Iñaki G, Carlos and Andrea are the only ones who sent the solutions and, therefore, they deserve an extra positive :D
- The solutions to the first set of exercises of the extra bulletin are already available!
- Remember you can mail me any doubt you might have when you try to solve them ;)
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