Friday, 25 January 2013

Euler Piruleta Vs. Funnyface's Riddles

Due to your impressive help, the bomb has finally been deactivated. Alas, Euler Piruleta shall be overjoyed and elated. Thousands of “innocent” lives have been saved! But the thing is, when you lead such a reckless life as he does you are never truly safe… and somehow, the evil forces of Funnyface’s mind have teleported Euler into the heart of Galician most terrible nest of Non-living creatures: Pontevedra!!

These non-living creatures are nothing but former humans infected with the tedious TSJ virus, which has been widely spread through the whole region. Euler has only a neoprene suit to protect himself from the bites of such terrible creatures and the possibility of escaping if he manages to solve the two riddles Funnyface has created for him. Try to help him to explain the meaning of these two riddles!

1) “There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those who understand binary code and those who don’t.


Click here for a printable version. Deadline: Friday the 1st of February!. Send both riddle's explanation to my e-mail :D

If you want to find more about these Galician non-living creatures, have a good laughter, and learn some advice to survive such invasion with just a neoprene suit try and read the wonderful exhilarating Manel Loureiro’s trilogy Apocalipsis Z: A must-read! ^_^

A new "oldie" + "version" for this weekend: Nik Kershaw's The Riddle Vs. Gigi D'Agostino's version:

Finally, Ivan, Jorge, Carlos, Andrea I., Marina and Tania are the ones who solved the previous challenge. One extra positive for you guys! :D

The extra bulletin with exercises for your forthcoming Equations + Systems exam can be downloaded here! The solutions to the first and secord order equations will be uploaded next Friday!

And don't forget to download the exercise 8 we have done with GeoGebra. Remember it's a free software and you can ask me any doubt you may have about it (I will try to help yoy provided I know the answer... hahaha!)



  1. And don't forget your homework!

    Exercise 58(a and f) with Substitution Method
    Exercise 58 (all of them) with Double Substitution Method

    Notice that you should get the same solutions regardless the method you use :D

  2. I have only sent you the fist riddle, the second one i don't know it!

  3. i get the first,
    and the second too i think