Thursday, 1 November 2012

Remember, remeber the Fifth of November

I very much hope you're having a good time during these four days off Spanish tradition have granted to you :P

Next monday is the fifth of November and, thanks to Maria, I remembered that it is Guy Fawkes' day!! Have you ever wondered where do the Anonymous masks come from?? 

There is an astonishing Comic called "V for Vendetta" which inspired a not less impressive movie 6 years ago. I strongly recommend both of them to you, they're worthy your time!

Now, as far as the last challenge is concerned, I'm glad to write here that Jorge, Iván, Sergio, Juan, Tania and Carlos deserve a new positive. Not all the answers were as precise as I wanted, by they were close enough ;)

I have taken that challenge from one of the most famous action-movies of the 90's: "Die Hard with a Vengance", so I would like Mr. Bruce Willis to explain the solution:

Finally, I do not want to compete with Ivan or Sergio's blog, but I'm afraid this piece of news is more hilarious than anything they have uplaoded so far! XDDDD Haahhaha!! !OMG!! And this man is postulating himself for President of the United States!

Mitt Romney Wonders Why Ann Romney's Airplane Windows Don't Open

I am the one who wonders how this man's thoughts look like... And I may have got an answer:

(excerpt from Mitt Romney's thoughts)

Anyway, take care and have fun!

(Freddie Mercury's "Living on my Own" (1985)

I almost forgot to publish your new challenge!! XD  Euler Piruleta services are required again!!

You Vs. The Hourglass

Thank God that Taconera’s Park hasn’t exploded… We shall always be thankful to Euler Piruleta and his Gang, who managed to solve the problem…

Nevertheless, now Euler Piruleta has to face a new situation… Due to the American Elections taking place this weekend, V from “V of Vendetta” is planning to demolish Navarro Villoslada High School. You may think that this is some good news, but the truth is that his plans affect you all since his idea is to set a bomb someday next week between 9 AM and 2 PM. 

To deactivate the rudimentary bomb’s mechanism you should practice with these two hourglasses to learn who to measure exact periods or time.

C’mon!!! You are our only hope!!

These two hourglasses last for 7 minutes (the big one) and 4 minutes.

How can we measure exactly 9 minutes (nor one second longer, neither shorter) using those hourglasses?

 Tip: try to start both hourglasses at the same time. What happens after exactly 4 minutes? 

Printable Version!

Deadline: Saturday the 10th of November!


  1. I HAVE GOT THE SOLUTION!!! I think it's not very very difficult.... it's a little... hahaha:)) I have sent you the solution^^

  2. This problem is very dificult :( But I have done it. I'm going to send you the solution

  3. Hahaha!!! Iván, weren't you one of those who wanted more difficult challenges?? :P hehehe....

    Don't worry, Euler Piruleta shall thank you forever to help him in his crusade against the maths terrorists ^_^

  4. Ivan I think it is easy hahaha Mario, Now I want more difficult challenges hahaha

  5. More difficult challenges... your words, not mine! XD

    OK, let's see what happens with Euler Piruleta's forthcoming challenge... :P

  6. i think my answer its wrong ecause it would be too obvius
    v could do it in the break :)

  7. I think I've done it, I send you the answer!

  8. I think I got it!! Y send youu the answer! Happy 5th of Novenber:)

  9. I'm writing on behalf of Euler Piruleta. He has asked me to thank you all for the help you have provided ;) I reckon he will require your services in a few days... Evil will strike back!!!!