Saturday, 10 November 2012

Euler Piruleta Vs. Forever Alone

Oh no!!

Forever Alone has given up his will to expend the whole eternity alone and has decided to take every single kid studying 1st or 2nd of ESO, among whom there are some of your siblings...


The instructions he has given to set them free are the following:

1) I promise half of them will be released if you solve the following simple challenge:

 The snail's journey

A forever-alone-snail has fallen into a 12-meter deep pit. Lucky him, this pit was not filled with water, otherwise this fellow snail would be forever-alone dead.

After two days waiting for a rescue, he makes up his mind and decides to try to get out of the pit single-handed. During the daylight, he manages to climb 2 meters, but when the night time arrives, he rests and therefore slips 1 meter backwards.

How long will it take for the snail to reach the surface?

2) All the hostages will be released if your brain manages to sort out the following situation:

 The Three Hats

Three forever-alone prisoners have bribed the guard to let them run free. However, when the time comes, the guard decides to add one extra challenge:

“I have here 5 Mexican hats: 2 black hats and 3 reddish ones.

You will be set in a single line and three hats will be put over your heads. This way, the person standing at the back can see the second person and the first one (and therefore their hats), the person who is placed in the middle only sees the person standing before him (and his hat) and the first one can’t see anybody.

Some questions will be asked and your freedom depends on some of you to give the right answer. In the event of failing all the questions, you should be here forever and forever-alone with me”

The guard started:
     -  “This question if for the guy in the back”. What’s the colour of your hat?”
     -    “I don’t know”, the prisoner replied.
    -   “OK. You, the second one. What’s the colour of your hat?”
     -    “I don’t know”, the prisoner replied.
     - “Muahahaha!!!! You’re bound to be here with me for all the eternity!!!! Last chance! You, the first one, will you be able to guess the colour of your hat?
     -  “I have a red hat”, she stated.

And the prisoners were released.

How did the prisoner in the first place of the single line guess the colour of her hat?

"This are the challenges you have to face. Shall my commands not be met, a disaster beyond your imagination will occur"

Euler Piruleta's services have been required once more to try to fight the maths terrorism!! But he needs your help!! Each challenge will be rewarded with one positive but be careful, Forever Alone's deadline is November the 18th... Do not hesitate and help Euler Piruleta to release the children!

Will Euler Piruleta manage to defeat evil Forever Alone? He has decided to relax with some music before the struggle:

(Rebecca Black's "Friday" LITERAL VERSION)
Don't miss the lyrics XDD

Nothing better to relax than a good laughter with a hilarious film. This has been my best contribution to youtube so far: 23.000 views. It was created in a library 4 years ago an afternoon when my brain was begging for a scape-way...

(10.000 million BC Original Trailer)

(10.000 million BC: MY version)

Challenges Printable Versions: The Snail's Journey & The Three Hats

 And finally, I'm glad to post here your last exam grades:

AD01 9,1 BC01 8
AD02 7,7 BC02 6,2
AD03 8,7 BC03 8,4
AD04 9,6 BC04 8,7
AD05 9 BC05 8,9
AD06 8,9 BC06 8,9
AD07 8,7 BC07 7
AD08 6,5 BC08 6,7
AD09 8,9 BC09 10
AD10 8,8 BC10 9,1
AD11 4,3 BC11 9,3
AD12 3,9 BC12 3,8
AD13 8,1 BC13 6,4
AD14 9,5 BC14 8,8
AD15 6,1 BC15 9,7
AD16 9,5 BC16 8,9
AD17 4,5 BC17 8
AD18 6,5 BC18 8,7
AD19 9,4 BC19 7
AD20 8,3 BC20 8
AD21 6,2 BC21 6,5
AD22 7,1 BC22 9,6
AD23 9 BC23 8,7
BC24 8,3

PS: Iñaki, Jorge, Ivan, Carlos, María G, Tania, Veronica and Xabier have given a (more or less) accurate answer to the previous challenge. Rejoice in your deserved new positive! :D


  1. I repeat you the video is fucking great!! and the problems are too easy I'm going to send you the solution :D

  2. Ommgg.. Y have only solve the firts pleblem hahaha. Now i sent you the solution:)

  3. For the moment I send you the first one, the second one It's difficult, isn´t it? I remember that you explined in the blue week, but I don't know how it was! :D

  4. you have liked a lot forever alone, i have the two answers

  5. Finally I have solve the challenges hahaha, I have sent you the answers!:)

  6. I have just sent you the second challenge!