Sunday, 26 January 2014

Euler Piruleta Vs. The 2€ Coin

Euler Piruleta was once a rascal and he didn’t manage to obtain his ESO degree. Now he has been threatened that he will be expelled of Matfor if he doesn’t pass the only exam he failed that time: Similarity and Trigonometry!  

Since this is now your area of expertise, can you help Euler to solve this problem?

How far do we have to place a 2 coin from our eye to completely cover the Moon?

The information below is everything you will need to solve it:
-         Moon’s Diameter: 3476 Km
-         Distance Moon-Earth: 384.000 Km
-         Coin’s Diameter: 28 mm

Tip: you know how this works draw the situation described and you will be able to solve the problem! :D

You will get 20 coins if you send the right answer and 20 extra coins if you explain how you got the code!

Printable Version available!

Deadline: February the 9th.

PS: Cesar Romero and TaniaPopcorn have received 40 coins and TheHeadhunter 20 for the solution of the previous challenge!

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