Monday, 10 December 2012

Euler Piruleta vs. The Daleks and their Geometric Division

Finally Euler Piruleta has retrieved his face which will be made public throughout this week.

Nevertheless, his challenges haven’t stopped yet and once again he is about to face the most hazardous situation…

Although their presence may be terrifying, they don’t have the smarts, so the challenge they have come up with is not that difficult to understand.

Read carefully the message the Daleks have sent and try to solve the mysteries they have stated… Only if you wish to survive to their conquer attempt, otherwise prepare to surrender and be treated as a Dalek Slave for the Cult of Skaro!!!

“This is Dalek Kan speaking. Prepare to surrender. Fighting is pointless. The Daleks will be the masters of the universe. Your only chance to survive is figuring out how to divide this figures as requested. Otherwise, you will be.......

Part I: Try to divide the following geometric figure in 4 equally shaped parts.

Part II: How many different ways can you come up with to divide a square into 4 equally shaped parts? They must have not only the same area, but the same shape as well (Originality will be taken into account!!)

Watch it: you can either deliver the solution by mail or by the old-fashioned mean: handwritten. Euler Piruleta will really appreciate your help!!

Deadline: Thursday the 20th.

Printable version HERE!

This song may help you to relax and focus on your endeavour to solve these challenges :) Each one of them will be rewarded with one extra possitive!

Sigur Ros - "Hoppipolla" (from Iceland)


  1. mario i have solved it (i think )

  2. I send you both answers:) This one was difficult... I have thought a lot!